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Orion JYJ

All the latest news and goodies

Welcome to Orion JYJ !
Welcome to Orion JYJ ! (@Orion_JYJ)

Please make sure to read our F.A.Q.
Poll; Do you think a JYJ community can be useful ? Answer

UPDATE 110314;
Dear members,

This community is curently under maintenance.
We are working hard to bring you the best JYJ download comm out there.
Thank you for your support,

-The Orion Team

[Fashion ID] HIGH CUT Korea Magazine – Park Yoochun (믹키유천, ユチョン) of JYJ
MAGAZINE: High Cut Korea Magazine Vol. 64 Nov 2011

MODEL: Singer and Actor Park Yoochun (믹키유천, ユチョン) of Korean band JYJ; also on the cover

BRANDS: Burberry Prorsum, System Homme, Vanhart Homme Collection

WHERE TO BUY: High Cut Korea Magazine; Clothing and accessories - see captions.

FOR MORE INFO: [Fashion ID] HIGH CUT Korea Magazine – Park Yoochun (믹키유천, ユチョン) of JYJ

JYJ confirms their first concert in Spain

JYJ confirms their first concert in Spain

The South Korean group JYJ will land in our country to present their latest album ¨In Heaven¨.

The band has chosen the city of Barcelona, Europe´s cultural landmark, to perform their first concert in Spain,which is also the beginning of their European tour.

The performance will take place in the iconic surroundings of Poble Espanyol, at saturday the 29th of october at 21:00.

JYJ begins their conquest of the European market in Barcelona, after they stormed the Asian charts, supporting the increasing demand of the fans. Spain is one of the European countries with a great number of ¨casiopeas¨, which is the name that has been given to JYJ / TVXQ followers.

The three members of JYJ started their careers as a part of the band TVXQ. After they left the group, which made them become the youngest Korean artists with over half a million records sold, they signed under the label ¨Warner Music Asia¨, who released ¨The beginning¨. This album, released in English, garnered a thundering succes by opening the doors of the American Market. The band got notable international regonition thanks to their collaboration with Kayne west, the main theme of their album; ¨Ayyy Girl¨. Their new album ¨In heaven¨,which goes on sale on the 23th of september, has already been sold a lot in pre-sale.

JYJ´s visit to our country has been made possible by the producer Open Music in collaboration with Asian club, an association that brings together Asian music fans in Spain.

Press Contact:

Official Website:

More information:

How this is accepted >_

Dear members,

It has come to our attention that people still misunderstand the concept behind this community.
Apparently, it is too much to ask to read through a FAQ or even a profile page.

At first, it was our intention to create a community where fellow members could share news, interesting facts, information and the like peacefully, and for new JYJ fans to be able to stay updated without having to read through all the drama that's been going on. Judging from our poll, this idea was well received by most.

However, as we said last week, we took the time to consider where we want(ed) to go with this community. We've been very cooperative with members' requests (one example would be the Graphics Master Post, which is dead because requesters don't actually post =/ ). But, seeing as there's not that much participation -only one person actually posts updates from time to time (when real life doesn't get in the way of things)- and the fact that we're still getting attacked (and quite frankly we're both tired of having to explain ourselves over and over again. Read the FAQ !), we've decided to no longer post updates directly to the community ourselves.
If you wish to post entries yourself, feel free to do so, as we're of course still managing the moderation queue.

We strongly advise you to visit The JYJ Files and JYJ3 for the latest updates & news.
We will post links to other forums/communities/blogs regularly on our new Tumblr (orion-jyj)
Feel free to follow us on Twitter (@Orion_JYJ) too, as we will gladly (re)tweet anything JYJ related =)

Thanks to everyone who supported us until this point ♥♥♥

First of all, please be aware that Orion_JYJ has been around for more than a month, thus way before any talks about seperate fanclubs.

1. Are you anti-TVXQ ?
No! Both mods are TVXQ fans.

2. Are you anti-HoMin ?
No! Seeing as we are TVXQ fans, we also support HoMin in their careers.

3. Do you encourage separate fanclubs ?
No. We want Cassies all over the world to stay united.

4. Then why make a JYJ community?
We created this community as a place where JYJ-fans could share their love for JYJ and find specific news, downloads, etc. in a peaceful environment. As the current results of this poll suggest, there's a genuine request for such a community.

5. Don't you think the name "Orion" will create more controversy?
When we first created this community, we thought Orion sounded good. Back then, reactions were good. We never expected to get so much negative response later on. In the end it's just a name, which we will keep.

Please feel free to ask any questions you may have, we will do our best to answer them quickly and effectively.
Post will be updated with more answers if need be.

The Mod Team is currently discussing the future of this community.
Please kindly answer the following poll to help us decide.

Poll #1664907 Orion01

Do you think a JYJ community can be useful?

Yes, because I'm looking for stuff specific to JYJ
Yes, other reason (please leave a comment)
No, there's already enough TVXQ communities where I can find news & donwloads.
No, other reason (please leave a comment)
I don't care

[DL] MTV K - JYJ SECRET SHOW - Interview Pt. 2